Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding Budget Drama

While planning your wedding, you'll most likely find that the most wonderful day of your life is actually the place to find family and friend drama-- center stage! Why? Because it's your special day, of course ;)

From bridesmaids flaking out on their duties to family feuds, you could run into a lot of headaches. I was just reading a blog from a bride who seemed to have every person in her life butting heads. I just kept thinking, this is no way to spend what is supposed to be a fun and exciting process. And then I realized, I bet that some aspects of being on a budget could eliminate most of this drama.

See, with limitless options, your wedding could soon become more of a spectacle than the intensely intimate and special event that it is supposed to be. While some brides might be losing sleep over the type of rose that will be in her centerpiece, someone on a budget needs to be flexible. If you can say to yourself right from the beginning, "I'm going to go to a farmer's market 2 days before my wedding and pick out whatever is in season that I like", you don't have to worry about these futile details.

Flexibility is what will keep you sane in this whole process! When your friends and family offer to help you, graciously accept their offer. If you think that you're the only person you can trust to do it right, then you're going to have some high blood pressure come the week of your wedding. Make the projects fun and social- don't worry so much about everything being perfect. Let the memories of your wedding planning to be the fun you had with friends and family along the way- not the stress of everything that didn't go perfectly.

If you can learn to let go, you'll have a lot more fun both on your wedding day and during the process of getting ready for it :)

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