Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DIY Centerpiece from guest blogger Judy Yublosky

Tall Wedding Balloon Centerpieces For Do-It-Yourself Brides

A bride has to be very budget conscious in these trying economic times. Someone who is crafty and able to do-it-herself has an advantage. Likewise if she has close friends or family who can lend a hand.

Judy Yublosky, president of A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. says many brides come to her through her Web site. Most seek to save money through the do it yourself route. They long for simple yet elegant centerpieces they can make themselves.

A tall balloon centerpiece is an ideal answer for many. Although elegant enough for any wedding, it avoids breaking the wedding budget. A tall flexible tube in the centerpiece's center elevates the balloons. It is light and flexible and makes for easy construction and transport.

Balloons cover the base and are added to the crown. They easily match the wedding d├ęcor since they come in so many colors, as does the tulle. Real or artificial flowers may be added for additional highlight decoration. All balloons are inflated with air which allows pre-preparation.

The tube raises the crown height of the centerpiece so it does not obstruct the guests' views at the reception table. This arrangement allows conversations across the table and provides an elegant and festive party experience.

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Judy Yublosky combines over 18 years of professional experience and a life-long practical approach to her party planning efforts. Her specialties include wedding and rehearsal planning and coordinating, Bar and Bat Mitzvah party celebrations, as well as corporate and other personal celebrations and events. Judy works with do-it-yourselfers and brides on a budget.. Her company, A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. provides customers with one stop shopping and a variety of party products including invitations and decorations as well as other services. Do it yourself centerpiece kits and supplies, as well as free instructional videos, are seen at her Do It Yourself website. Free party planning guides and checklists are also available. Her blog features many ideas and information for brides and party planners on a budget.

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  1. Love the idea of balloons as centerpieces! they are so fun!! Love the idea of adding flowers, it looks really beautiful! Monograming the top balloon would be a fun idea also :-)