Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Wedding Entertainment!

Everyone wants to be entertained at a wedding.  There's always that awkward half hour or so when the dance music starts, when nobody wants to be the first one out on the floor.  Sometimes the DJ does a good job of getting everyone into it, but what if he doesn't?  There's nothing worse than a boring wedding reception and we've all probably been to one.

So think about this-where is talent hiding in your group of family and friends?  My husband's cousins are Irish dancers and decided to put together a routine as their wedding present to us.  Everyone was going crazy for it- what a hit!  Then, completely unexpectedly, my friends shoved me out on the dance floor because I used to Irish dance.  So, I hiked up my dress and did a few steps.  People still tell me that it was the most unique and entertaining wedding they've ever been to.

Think about your group of friends- I'm sure you have some goofballs in the wedding party.  Put together a funny skit to do before the dancing starts to lighten the mood.  Most people also have at least one friend with a beautiful voice or musical talent with an instrument.  Ask him or her to sing/ play for your wedding.  Most people would be honored by this request.

Kids are always a blast- consider having the kids start off the party with a little freeze dance contest.  When the music plays, they dance and when it stops, they have to freeze in the exact position they are in.  You could also have a limbo contest or something along those lines.  I'm not saying every second of your wedding has to be filled with party pleasers, but one or two little things like this will make people laugh, smile and get in the mood to have a good time.


  1. Great tips! I’m asking a friend to sing during the ceremony, and we might do a guys vs. girls sing-along during the reception. Should be fun!

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