Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding Week Checklist

After you've worked so hard to square away all of the details of your wedding for some 8-12 months, it might seem that it's smooth sailing in that final 2 weeks or so. Everything should be locked in at this point, schedules have been created, deposits have been taken care of, etc. However, that last week before the wedding is when all the little tedious and easy-to-forget things pop up. Here is my list from my wedding week (September 2008)...

Tuesday, September 16

Pack for next 4 days & Honeymoon, go down to bay (I had an at-home wedding at my in-laws), PASSPORT!
Make list of who needs to be where at what time
Confirm times with all vendors, what I owe
Confirm #s with rehearsal dinner and caterer
Arrange for transporting of gifts while on honeymoon

Wednesday, September 17

Hair cut 1pm
Shop for Bridesmaids lunch
Go tanning
Finish making wedding favors & place cards
Box up things that need to go to the church vs things that need to go to the reception

Thursday, September 18

Prep/ cook for Bridesmaids lunch
Set up bars
Set out flowers for hair & cake, pick up corsages & boutonnieres (as late as possible to stay fresh- put in fridge immediately)
*I made my own bouquets and centerpieces so I picked up corsages & boutonnieres from a florist and set aside my flowers for cake and hair so I wouldn't forget
Set out all jewelry/ accessories for wedding day

Friday, September 19

Set up for BM lunch 7:30-8:30
Nails 9am
BM lunch 11-2:30
3-4:30 get ready for rehearsal
5-10 rehearsal/dinner
Set out all checks for vendors

Saturday, September 20

Shower, wear button down shirt 8-8:45
Hair appt 9-10
Breakfast 10-11
Dress & makeup 11-12:30
Pictures begin 12:30
Relax and enjoy the day!

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