Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Product Review Coming Soon

Well, this is very exciting stuff. CSN has offered me the opportunity to review one of their many products- they have over 200 online stores where you can find ANYTHING you need; whether it be a chic handbag, bathroom shelving or even cute cookware! It will be a tough decision :)

Looking back, I now realize how much you can get wrapped up in the whole wedding registry craze- often picking up a lot of cute junk that you will never use, and forgetting the bare essentials.  I need A LOT of housewares right now, so I'm going to think long and hard about some of the items that would have come in handy for a newly married couple.

For instance, a DIY sushi set with spinning plates, bamboo serving stands, and 8 soy sauce holders may seem like a good idea before you get married... but after, you'll be pulling your hair out trying to find space at the back of your cabinets to store this once a year use novelty.  Let's get serious- what do we really need?  I'm on it ;)

Stay tuned!

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