Monday, June 21, 2010

Finding A Discount Wedding Ring

There are a lot of hidden costs that pop up when calculating your wedding budget. One of these is the rehearsal dinner- one that people are usually careful to factor in if the in laws aren't covering it. Another is the bridesmaid luncheon- this is seldom planned for and can end up costing over $100 that wasn't originally accounted for. The one that will really cost you, if you don't plan for it, is the wedding ring(s).

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If you and your husband are covering the entire cost of the wedding yourselves, you've surely thought about this... But people whose parents are helping out often forget that this is not something the parents pay for. This is on you and your future hubby. Wedding rings are not cheap, either. They are certainly less expensive than the engagement ring, but the combined cost of both your wedding bands could be well over $1,000.

Here are some ideas for keeping the cost of the wedding bands down...

Online jewelers- Of course, do your research. If you're not trying on the ring and looking at it on your finger, you'll need to go to a jeweler nearby and see what you're looking for, get your exact size and make sure the style suits you. Then, you'll need to research the company. There are several great online jewelers out there, well worth the savings, but you don't want to get scammed either. Read reviews, make sure there is a contact person if you aren't satisfied, and make sure they have a good variety and selection.

Alternatives- If you have your heart set on platinum, but it's just not in the budget, there are alternatives out there that are still good quality. Look into palladium for guys (in the platinum group, doesn't tarnish easily). You could go with white gold (looks similar, but tarnishes a bit more). Nix the diamonds; you already have one in your engagement ring anyway. You could also go with a mixture of different golds welded together for something beautiful but different.

Keep it in the family- Talk to your family members to find out if there are any rings that are being stored away from grandparents/ ancestors who have passed on. They don't even have to be wedding or engagement rings- just see what is there. Vintage rings are hard to come by and very beautiful. What better than a free ring with sentimental value?

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  1. That last ring set is so pretty! Also, these are great ideas.