Monday, June 14, 2010

The Gown of Your Dreams

Any girl (woman, I should say) who has been recently engaged has surely spent a lot of hours thinking about her dress.  It probably started long before she got that ring on her finger, and may have been the first thing she considered when the planning began.  The perfect wedding dress seems to be something that girls dream about their whole lives, envisioning the room beaming and time standing still as they enter the room.  So where does the dream intersect with reality?

There are a few things that make picking the perfect wedding dress tricky.  First, your style and second, your budget.  It seems that a lot of woman see themselves in a very puffy, very intricate, very busy dress just because they want to match the big day.  There is so much hype to live up to; the dress has to make the grade.  But it's not always "you."  Then, there are brides who really do see themselves in a more simple (and still beautiful) dress, but feel guilty for not getting something more flashy.  They feel like they'll be disappointing everyone and themselves if their dress doesn't scream "I'm getting married!!!"

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Now consider your budget.  If you have decided that the dress is THE most important aspect of your entire wedding (which is completely fine), you will probably have to cut back in several other areas.  Now, there are more simple designs that are still pricey because of the brand name and fabric... but the rule of thumb is generally "the more layers, the more beading, the more intricacies, the higher the price."  So, if you're torn between a dress that is more you or a dress that is more for the show, think about the money that you could spend on other things and feel more comfortable on your special day.

This goes for accessories, too.  I see so many people take a beautiful dress and make it so much less than what it is by over-accessorizing.  If your dress has a lot of detail, you don't need a tiara and a bracelet and drop earrings and a big necklace.  In fact, it will downplay that beautiful dress you spent so much time picking out.  Vice versa, if you get a more simple dress, keep in mind that you can always dress is up with some beautiful jewelry.

Just make sure you're not overspending and over-doing it just because you feel obligated to do so.  Be happy with your decision and be true to yourself.  The goal is to be the prettiest, best version of you-- not someone else.

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  1. Good tips! I am hoping my mom has some vintage jewelry that will work with my dress. I don't need anything over the top because it has really elaborate beading.